What's Been Happening

I'm preaching again. Thank you to all who called, asked how things were going, and supported me and Judy as I had eye surgery. My eyes still aren't what they once were and I've been having trouble with typing. (My daughter Rene is helping with this.)

I've been preaching and received positive feedback on the sermons without notes; still, we can see from the Google stats that many of you are reading this when you can't make a week or if you don't live in Brazil. My grandson is looking into solutions to get videos online, including possibly videotaping the sermons and posting them to YouTube. But he's in Wisconsin and us old folk would have to get it uploaded somehow. Please bear with us as we work on a solution to sharing the good news up on here again.

In the meanwhile, check out the new photos in the revamped photo gallery. Most of them were taken by Kate.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor P