The Advocate

6th Sunday of Easter
Scripture: St. John 14:25-31

When Jesus stated He must go away and that He was going to His Father in Heaven, He mentioned that He would give us a very special gift, “The Advocate.” He spoke about the Holy Spirit. He stated that the Holy Spirit would teach us all things that would aid us in a life of fellowship with our Lord.

There is never a time in our lives as Christians that we cannot learn something new, fresh, and exciting about the guidance of the Holy Spirit’s actions and activities in our lives. The Spirit reminds us of what Jesus teaches in our ministry. Jesus said we might not know the future of his teachings, but the Holy Spirit would enlighten us.

One can read the same scripture many times and suddenly, like a light going on, we have a new understanding of that scripture. This is what the Holy Spirit does; He works within us.

Christ said that He offers us peace in our lives. That is something that we all need in our lives today. We live in times of great turmoil, but it is the presence of the Holy Spirit that calms the storms that rage in our lives. It is the Spirit of life that offers us a glimpse of the future gifts from our Lord.

If we really grasp the truth of our Christian faith, we should always be glad when those we love leave us in death for they are going to the Lord! We should grasp the rest and release from the ills of this life, because death is not the end but a doorway to the heavenly kingdom. Frequently it’s a release from serious pain and suffering when our health has begun to fail. The Spirit speaks to us when the struggles of life are a serious problem. It reminds us of the earthly struggles of our Lord.

Jesus was not afraid of the cross. He knew that evil would not have the final word in His life. Struggles can strengthen our faith. No one wants these struggles, but they are part of our human life.

The Spirit reminds us of the vindication Jesus provides. The moment of Jesus resurrection from the grave was a victory over this life. Unlike a conscience, the Holy Spirit does not provide us with shame or humiliation; rather, He provides us victory over our flesh and peace.

The Advocate is our helper and guide over this life enabling us to be more obedient with our love and service for our Lord. The Holy Spirit is the living presence of the Lord in our lives, living daily while on this earth. We need to praise the Lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray!